USCIS Releases Projected Naturalization Processing Times For Local Offices

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) released on April 2008 the projected times for local offices to complete processing of applications for citizenship from individuals who filed during the summer of 2008.

July 2007, USCIS received 460,000 applications for naturalization. That was three times the record for any previous month. For the year 2007, USCIS received 1.4 million naturalization applications, almost double the normal annual volume.

The processing times listed below provide a sense of how quickly a case may be processed if there are no complicating factors. Some cases will take longer to complete for such reasons as:

  • an applicant has been asked to submit additional information and their case is pending until they comply, or
  • an applicant fails the naturalization test and has 60 days to prepare before they are retested, or
  • the FBI name check is still in progress.
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